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Download Clash Royale Apk – Install & Play

Download Clash Royale Apk : Super Cell has taken another giant step  towards bringing more excitement into the world of gaming. With Clash of Clans knocking down the door of Real-Time Strategy games, they have moved on towards launching a very new game into the hood. – Download Clash Royale Apk Download.

Clash Royale is the new boy in the town of Real-Time strategy games but it is taking on the Big Campions just like its big brother “Clash of Clans”. Super Cell has worked really hard to keep this game as close to Clash of Clan but also keeping it really different from one another. Confusing Right?

Let me introduce you to “Clash Royale”, here you will be able to go for ONE-ON-ONE arena battle against different opponents one at a time and your main objective are to win…. Sounds simple? Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds, let me tell you why and also how this game is familiar with the world’s most favourite phone/tab game “clash of clans”. – Download Free Clash Royale Apk

Clash Royale - A Game For The Royals

Definitely a game for the royals, "Clash Royale was launched on Jan 4th, 2016 in Canada and was launched worldwide on 2nd of this month. With over 500,000 downloads with 12hrs of launch, this game has broken worldwide records. Als following the footsteps of its big brother Clash Royale is definitely worth a try for many reasons.

After you have downloaded and installed the game from here Download Clash Royale , you will be able to notice a lot of familiar faces in the game. That's right, you will be able to see a lot of your favourite faces like Barbarian King(as King) Wizard, Minion, Goblin etc and they will be fighting right by your side in the arena.

Not just that, for new players you will be offered help from a lot of strong troops like Knight, Archer, Bomber, Giant. And it didn't just stop there, you will be offered with spells like Arrows and Fireball which can be used to deal huge damage to the opponents.

Your Objective While Playing Clash Royale : Download Clash Royale Apk

So now that you know who are going to be at your side on the battlefield, let me take you through your battleground details:
  • Clash Royal aims at Head-to-head battles between players with each player having 2 crown towers and a king, and the main objective is to destroy the towers and take the crowns and whoever has the most crowns wins.
  • If an opponent player destroys the other opponent player’s King Tower then the battle is won by the King Tower destroyer, no matter the number of crowns being collected.

How to Play Clash Royale - Download Clash Royale Apk

Now to take down the towers, you can deploy the troops you want to attack first followed by other troops instantly. With each troop deployed, it will cost you a definite amount of  “Elixir” ( Don’t worry as your Elixir will be replenished throughout the battle).

Also, note that you will have a limited amount of Elixir at a time (as you can see in the above photo) to train your troops. So if you send out troops too quick then you have to wait (for few seconds only) till your Elixir is restored to train more troops at a time.

Also, you will be notified about which troop is going to join from the deck with you in the battle for glory.

About Your Battle Deck & Cards - Download Clash Royale Apk

About Battle Deck: Download Clash Royale Apk

Your battle deck is where your troops, heroes nad spells are stored and these are the things that you will be getting in your battle. So it really means is that the troops, heroes in spells you load in Battle Deck, will be the one who will be fighting with you in the arena.

So this is how you battle Deck and you can choose from a variety of troops that you can choose from to battle by your side in Clash Royale.

About Card Collection: Download Clash Royale Apk

Now this is your card collection and this is where the real game begins. With every win, you will be able to acquire different treasure boxes from where you will be able to win different cards like COMMON, RARE, and EPIC which can really boost your battle strategy.

Use these cards wisely, as they can easily change the face of the battle and give you a definite win even when you are stuck in the worst situations.

Note that few cards will be locked and won't be shown any character image, these cards are the one who can change the face of the battle within a second, and these cards are the rarest to get. So keep your eyes open for one.

So this is what Clash Royale is about in a short description. For more upcoming news and updates please stay connected with us.

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Rammus Counter - League of Legends

League of Legends is an MOBA game, and it is such a game which requires lots of game plan for playing the game. There are many champions with unique style and skills of fighting and due to this reason, the countering of the champion now becomes the main strategies for the winning point of the game. So in this article, we will discuss the champion- Rammus and also points about how to counter Rammus- theArmordillo.

Rammus is a champion of the game- League of Legends and is very strong shell with the spike. The intensity and power of the champion can be rise by unlocking more levels in the game and also earning gold. There are item and skin for the champion which you can use them and make him stronger which are very essential in the battles. There are also special abilities of Rammus by which you can destroy the enemies at any cost, so all this great defensive adaptation in this champion makes him stronger and are not possible to counter until you use the correct system or protocol for killing Rammus.

The protocols are choosing the right champion as counter pick for the Rammus and also understanding his abilities can use them against him to kill. In every action and skills there is few weak point which you by targeting them will have the great impact in the battle. So let us discuss more the counter pick here below, for dealing with the Rammus and extract victory out of it.

Download Clash of Clans

Rammus Counter picks

Rammus is a very tough champion which in defensive ball curl mode can take any damage and even dash away from the enemies so quickly. But yet to win the game you must counter him and thus here we have some counter picks which are used based on the recent gameplay in the world championship matches.

Some of the Rammus Counterpicks are

  1. Trundle- Trundle is a devil champion with great fighting skills. He has the ability like subjugate which can suck out the enemy’s Health, Armor and Magic and bringing the chances to kill the enemies more easily.
  2. Olaf- Olaf is a very tough champion which can use his axes to throw on them and are also less effective with the puncturing taunt attack from Rammus.
  3. Nocturne- Nocturne has very best magic spell that can attack from a longer range and also can prevent from Puncturing Taunt by using some defensive magic spells.
  4. Mundo- Dr Mundo is very evil and has the abilities to suck down enemies HP, magic resistance and also armour and later can use the big attack to destroy the enemies.

Counter trick of Rammus

  1. Rammus is very dangerous when he is on Defensive Ball Curl mode while no magic or other physical attacks can harm him.
  2. The minions are too annoying with the short and deadly weapon to take any champion down, but using the Powerball can deal with them and decrease the attacks from them.
  3. The Puncturing Taunt is very effective attack which taunt the enemies while taking their armour down and then instantly using the tremor for complete death.

About Rammus

Rammus The Armordillo is one of the strongest champions who has the awesome shell with spike and once taking the formation into Powerball, he can deal with any damage in the battle. Once it takes into ball formation, Rammus can dash more speedily towards the enemies and are best for quick chase or fast moving in the fights. The champion is best played in the jungle arena where abilities and skills favour much better.

Some of the skills like Powerball, spike shells, ball curl is the best choice for developing defensive move in the battle and also attack the enemies with high damage. While puncturing taunt can be the best option by which you can get the enemies distracted and later use the Tremor to end the enemies life instantly.

Abilities of the Rammus

Rammus is one of the strongest champion in the game having powerful shells with spikes upon it. Know more about the abilities of this champion which will help you in the game to use the abilities and skills for killing many enemies in the battle. And the abilities of the Rammus are-
  1. Spiked Shell- Rammus have special spikes on its shell which you can develop into more powerful by upgrading your items and level ups will too help you getting spikes on your shell. .
  2. Powerball- This is a very powerful attack plus quick dashing towards the enemy in the battle. This Powerball formation can hold up to 6-7 second and also protects Rammus from other physical damage while in the stage of Powerball.
  3. Defensive Ball Curl- The shell of Rammus is the best weapon which you can easily switch into defence mode by developing a ball formation with the shell. The formation can even deal with the magic attacks from the enemies, and this formation can span for duration for about 5-6 seconds in the game.
  4. Puncturing Taunt- TheRammus taunt his enemies and then take the attacks from the opponents by which the armour of the opponent are lowered to some extend and slowing them too. So after that, you can switch attacks with Tremor for complete destroy to the enemies till death.
  5. Tremors- Tremors is the final special of the Rammus that develops a destructive wave around the area located; which the wave then gives maximum damage to those enemies lying around the affected zone. The intensity of the destruction is very high that gives the highest impact on the enemies while it is also one of the best attacks so far.

So these are some of the important counter picks by which you can easily handle Rammus in the battle and kills very easily. Rammus is very much defensive having shells with the spikes at the back by which the enemies can’t resist from getting crushed immediately. While there is these counter pick is very useful and can easily deal with the spiky shell and, in turn, have counter destruction on Rammus.

Clash of Clans for PC: Download & Play on Your Windows PC

Clash of Clans for PC:  Are you looking for a way to play Clash of Clans for PC on your Windows computers. You have come to the right place. Here you will get the complete tutorial on how to download and play clash of clans on your Windows computer.

One of the most popular Android strategy based game, Clash of Clans. It is played by Billions of users worldwide. I started to play this game in the last of 2015 and within 2-month gets too much addicted to it. For the ones who like to play strategy based game, this is the game which you are looking for.

Clash of Clans for PC: Gameplay

Developed and maintained by SuperCell, Clash of Clans is a real-time, online strategic game. You can play single as well as with multiple players while joining in a clan. Here you will play the role of a chief of your village. You have to defend your village from other tribes with the increase of your defensive strength.

Also, you can train your troops in the barracks and attack other villages to get the gold and elixir and to earn trophies. It's a fully mind based strategy game, and you have to first set a game plan to attack any opposition village. When you will join a clan, then with your clan mates you can go with a war to attack another clan.

Upgrade your troops and defense to let your village safe from any attacks and to protect your resources. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can play clash of clans on PC.

Download Clash of Clans for PC

On your Windows computer, you can play clash of clans just like you play on your Android mobiles or laptops. The best way is using any Android emulator software. Android Emulators are the software through which you can run almost all the Android apps on your computer.

The best Android emulators are BlueStack and YouWave. I personally use Bluestack to play clash of clans (COC) on my PC. So, I suggest you to use Bluestack.

These methods are an unofficial way of playing COC on PC though using these emulators you can easily play it without any issue.

Play Clash of Clans using Bluestack

If you are using the Bluestack emulator, first make sure that your system has a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. If you have more amount of RAM then it would be great, you will get the best playing experience while playing.

Follow the steps to play COC with Bluestacks.
  • First, download the Bluestacks software and install it on your PC. You can download it from the official Bluestacks site. Click the link to go the site - Link.
  • Now install it on your PC using the normal installation process. After the completion of installation, open it.
  • Now what you have to do is search Clash of Clans on the Google pay store and download the apk file on your desktop.
  • Also, you can download the COC file through Bluestack software by searching it on the search bar.
  • If you download the apk file separately, then now install it using the Bluestack emulator or otherwise, it will automatically installed on the Bluestack screen.
  • Now, open the COC and link it with your Google account and now you will be able to play clash of clans on your PC.
That's the easiest way of playing clash of clans on your desktop computer.

Play Clash of Clans using YouWave

If you don't like the Bluestack, still you can play clash of clans for pc without bluestacks. You can use YouWave. YouWave is also a good Android emulator software for the Windows computers. Follow the easy steps to play using this.
  • First download the YouWave emulator from the google and install it on your desktop.
  • Now, download the apk file from Google play store and install it using the YouWave emulator. After the installation, open it and play.
This is the guide for you to play clash of clans for PC. Hope, you will now get all the information regarding the Playing of Clash of Clans game on your PC.

How to Unroot Android Devices Easily: Using Apps

Unroot Android Devices Easily:  One of the best thing having the Android phones is that you can Unroot it and bring it back to its previous mode to utilize more about your Android device. But, not everyone may like to do it. The reason behind this is, it may void your device's warranty and there's a possibility to damage your device too. That doesn't mean it is not safe.

When you first rooted your device, you might be quite happy with the extra features that you got. But, after a while when you try to update your Android then, you may see the message that 'software update unsuccessful'. It's because you can't just update a rooted device using the normal way of updating.

Fortunately, there are some ways to unroot your rooted device. In this post, I am going to tell you about some apps, through which you can Unroot Android devices easily.

How to Unroot Android Devices Easily

Here, I will tell you about some Android apps that are the best option when you need to unroot your Android Device. Take a look.

Unroot using SuperSU

SuperSU is the best option for you when you need to unroot your rooted device. Using it you can manage your rooted phone to unroot it. Also, it provides you many other features.

The Unrooting procedure is very simple. You don't just need to do any extra afford. Open the app and go to the setting option. Now, scroll down and looking for the option 'full unroot'. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the process will be done. After that restart your device and you will get back your unrooted Android device.

Unroot using Universal Unroot

If you don't like to use SuperSU then, still there's another option for you. You can use Universal Unroot app to unroot your Android. All you have to do is just click on the 'unroot' button and wait for sometimes until the process is done.

But it's a premium app, that means you have to buy it. So, if you don't want to spend, then stick to the free apps.

Try out:

Now, you know the all necessary things that you need to do to unroot Android devices easily. Hope, you will like this post and it will be helpful to you.

Best Ways to Run Two Whatsapp in One Phone without Root

How to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root or without rooting your Android device; WhatsApp is one of the famous messenger apps for any phone. But there is one limitation if this awesome messaging app; i.e. only one Whatsapp account is operational for a single device or phone. So sometimes it becomes annoying for a dual sim card phone user. And thus, here we have the solution for you to have Two Whatsapp in One Phone.

Well, there is also another way by which you can manipulate your device and install two Whatsapp account but this is the too very difficult job to handle the rooting system. So the best and simplest solution for using dual or Two Whatsapp in One Phone is downloading and installing another App known as WhatsMapp

WhatsMapp is available to download as the APK file for quick installation in your phone. This app may not be available in the Google play store, so you must search for the APK file in various websites. The APK file is free cost and very easy to download and install on your device.

How to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root

As we all have the android phone with dual SIM card, why not use dual or two WhatsApp in one phone. And to do that, you must download and install the WhatsMapp on your phone. So below let us discuss more precisely for using Two Whatsapp in One Phone

Steps to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root

To Run two Whatsapp on one phone, you have to configure in 2 distinct methods.

In first Methods, you have to download and Install the WhatsMapp App in your device as a primary account. And the Steps are-
  1. The first and foremost thing you must do is- backup all the chat of your Whatsapp account if you don’t want to lose any message of your WhatsApp
  2. Now after you have successfully backups, you search and download WhatsMapp as APK file.
  3. Install the WhatsMapp app in your device and open the app
  4. Now sign up the WhatMapp app with the number you had first registered in your WhatsApp account. The registration will follow by restoration of chat backups; click Restore to get all the chats back in your app
Precaution- You must download the latest version of WhatsMapp as it may be very difficult for you update the app. And since they are not available in Google play store, it would be hard to updates the app.

In second Methods, after the WhatsMapp is successfully installed on your device, now it turns for you download secondary WhatsApp account using the other sim card.
  1. The first thing that you have to do is- uninstalled the older WhatsApp from our device
  2. Now go to the Google play store and download the official WhatsApp app in your device and Install it
  3. Open the WhatsApp and sign up again, but this time, you must enter your other number to use as secondary Whatsapp app in your device
  4. You may be asked for restoring chat, but it is not necessary so you can skip the Chat Restoration
  5. So finally, now it is successfully configured with two Whatsapp in one phone

Having both Whatsapp and Whatsmapp in your single device is working really fine and also you can receive notification from both the accounts simultaneously. Your Whatsmapp account will also be visible into the other’s device as Whatsapp and so you can use multiple accounts using both the sim card’s number of your dual smartphone.  And all you have this two Whatsapp in One Phone without rooting your Android device.

You can also check out how to use whatsapp without number. Yes! You don't need any SIM or mobile phone number in order to use whatsapp messenger.

Best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab

As we all know Android is the most popular operating system for mobile as well as Tablets these days, most of us using this platform for our work, entertainment or other purposes in our daily life. Every day new apps are launched by the developers for your Android mobiles or tabs. So installation of new apps, internet browsing, and many other activities makes your Android device slow. It is a serious problem for your Android mobile or tab.

The best part is, there are some boost up apps available for your android mobile and tab that can help you to optimize your device’s performance to speed up your mobile/tab’s operation.

In this post i have listed some of the best Android Apps to Speed up your Device’s operation.

Apps to Speed up your Android Mobile or Tab

Not all the apps you download and install in your android device are useful for your android phone. To know about the optimization apps take a look here.

Android Assistant

To speed up your android phone’s operation, the app you should use is Android Assistant. It is one of the best and mostly used android app. This app helps you to clean up all the junk files produced by other apps and free up the physical memory acquired by the un necessary apps. It also comes with a quick launch button so that you can easily access to this app.

It has features like Cache cleaner and System cleaner to clean up the cache files generated by other apps, temporary files, log files, browser history etc to speed up your phone’s operation. It also cleans up web caches and capable with power saver feature.

(When you clean up the caches of apps, then they may slow to load the next time you opens it. It is because some apps uses the caches to speed up their loading. )

Download it from Google Play: Click Here.

Clean Master

Clean Master is another best optimizing app for your Android mobile or tabs. Through it you can able to clean the junk files, cache memory from your phone and free up your phone’s memory. Also you can boost your phone to clean the RAM, so that it can works fast.

It has built-in antivirus program to scan your android device for malware. The App Manager helps you to uninstall any app, move apps to the SD card and backup your apk files etc. The app has a beautiful interface and easy to use.

To download it from Google play, Click Here.

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager app for android will let you to remove your device’s unwanted junk file, Clean up RAM, Cache memory so that you can boost up your mobile/tab’s speed. Also it can help you to save your phone’s battery life by killing the unnecessary apps.

The app comes with a feature that it runs on the background and kills unwanted app automatically even after your phone’s screen goes off.

To download it from Google play, Click Here.

 1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner is a Android app to optimize your android mobile or tab. With it you can able to clean all your device’s system cache files, search engine history, call log etc. The app comes with a really nice user friendly interface.

It has features like: History Cleaner to clear all your browsing history and browsing data. Cache Cleaner to manually clean up all the app’s cache files for faster operation.

It has another feature Schedule Cleaner: with this feature you can set a time schedule to clean up of caches, web history. And it will automatically cleans your phone so that it works fast. This feature of this app makes it unique and you don’t need to worry about your android mobile or tab’s performance with this app.

This app is available at free and also a premium version is there for which you have to pay. To download from Google Play store, Click Here.

Android Booster

To speed up your android mobile or tab you can trust upon this Android Booster App. You can download it free from the Google Play store. Android Booster app helps you to boost your phone’s performance by clean up memory space. Automatically kills all the unnecessary apps to keep the performance of your device at the best level.

Junk cleaner will clean up all the junk files and caches so that your phone runs fast. Also it can extend your phone’s battery life and with the App Manager you will be able to completely uninstall any app along with its residual file. The interface of this app is nice and user friendly and compatible with mostly all android versions. So i can say that’s a great speed booster app that you must use for your Android phone or Tab.

To download this app from Google Play store, Click Here.

This is the list of some of the Best and Top rated Apps for your Android Phone or Tab to speed up your device’s operation. Also there are many more apps available that works good but these are the apps, I recommend you to use for your Android device.

How to Add Your Gmail Account to Yahoo Mail

A world today without the convenience of email is really hard to imagine. This is the reason behind million of us have possessed to these free web-based email services including Yahoo Mail for fast communication. Where Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular free web-based email services with around 300 million users worldwide, no matter which e-mail we use many of us uses Yahoo Mail service frequently. Here, let me expose you some reason behind it.

Well, If you even having multiple email accounts on various email services Yahoo can be your central point to manage everything as it has the capability to add your other email accounts as well as Gmail account to it. Yahoo mail has a few new tricks that seek attentions of Gmail users. Let say of Account Key, which lets Gmail users sign in to mail without writing a long password. Yahoo supports the import of a variety of different media into email, including GIFs, links, and videos. It also provides you the ability to sync Facebook, Twitter contacts, Linkedln etc. I suppose you might understand that if you can make a shopping mall by yourself and gather all kind of brand at one place, why to go walk all around the town looking for a particular product?

Add Your Gmail to Yahoo Mail

Now, this is about how will you possibly add your Gmail account to Yahoo Mail. Adding your Gmail account to Yahoo is unexpectedly as easy as making a cup of coffee. Here I’m going to throw you some real easy step by step procedure that will definitely help you out to do it by your own self. Just take a look on the following methods.

  • First of all, login to your Yahoo e-mail account.
  • Now go to ‘Settings’ alternative.
  • Now, select ‘Accounts’ choice from the list and click on it.
  • Then another alternative should be seen on right box of screen. From there, select to click the ‘Add another mailbox’ choice.
  • Another screen will pop up showing you a list. Then select ‘Google’ from the appeared list of providers.
  • Now enter your account, description and credentials as instructed on the screen.
Isn’t a pretty easy procedure, eh? And of course, you may have to take some more extra steps if you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled which is everyone has. You can add your Gmail account to Yahoo even on your mobile device; for this you will need for Yahoo Mail App in your mobile phone. The Yahoo Mail App will allow you to manage your Gmail account on Android and iOS too.

Once you have successfully created the account, your Gmail account will be automatically gathering your emails. When it is done, you can send, receive emails as well as manage your Gmail account from Yahoo. Similar functionality has been available for Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL Mail users since last October update.

I hope, the above information is helpful enough to you as you can find here everything you need to add your Gmail to Yahoo mail. If satisfied, say once, YAHOO!!!!