Thursday, 5 May 2016

How to Add Your Gmail Account to Yahoo Mail

A world today without the convenience of email is really hard to imagine. This is the reason behind million of us have possessed to these free web-based email services including Yahoo Mail for fast communication. Where Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular free web-based email services with around 300 million users worldwide, no matter which e-mail we use many of us uses Yahoo Mail service frequently. Here, let me expose you some reason behind it.

Well, If you even having multiple email accounts on various email services Yahoo can be your central point to manage everything as it has the capability to add your other email accounts as well as Gmail account to it. Yahoo mail has a few new tricks that seek attentions of Gmail users. Let say of Account Key, which lets Gmail users sign in to mail without writing a long password. Yahoo supports the import of a variety of different media into email, including GIFs, links, and videos. It also provides you the ability to sync Facebook, Twitter contacts, Linkedln etc. I suppose you might understand that if you can make a shopping mall by yourself and gather all kind of brand at one place, why to go walk all around the town looking for a particular product?

Add Your Gmail to Yahoo Mail

Now, this is about how will you possibly add your Gmail account to Yahoo Mail. Adding your Gmail account to Yahoo is unexpectedly as easy as making a cup of coffee. Here I’m going to throw you some real easy step by step procedure that will definitely help you out to do it by your own self. Just take a look on the following methods.

  • First of all, login to your Yahoo e-mail account.
  • Now go to ‘Settings’ alternative.
  • Now, select ‘Accounts’ choice from the list and click on it.
  • Then another alternative should be seen on right box of screen. From there, select to click the ‘Add another mailbox’ choice.
  • Another screen will pop up showing you a list. Then select ‘Google’ from the appeared list of providers.
  • Now enter your account, description and credentials as instructed on the screen.
Isn’t a pretty easy procedure, eh? And of course, you may have to take some more extra steps if you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled which is everyone has. You can add your Gmail account to Yahoo even on your mobile device; for this you will need for Yahoo Mail App in your mobile phone. The Yahoo Mail App will allow you to manage your Gmail account on Android and iOS too.

Once you have successfully created the account, your Gmail account will be automatically gathering your emails. When it is done, you can send, receive emails as well as manage your Gmail account from Yahoo. Similar functionality has been available for Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL Mail users since last October update.

I hope, the above information is helpful enough to you as you can find here everything you need to add your Gmail to Yahoo mail. If satisfied, say once, YAHOO!!!!


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