Thursday, 5 May 2016

Best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab

As we all know Android is the most popular operating system for mobile as well as Tablets these days, most of us using this platform for our work, entertainment or other purposes in our daily life. Every day new apps are launched by the developers for your Android mobiles or tabs. So installation of new apps, internet browsing, and many other activities makes your Android device slow. It is a serious problem for your Android mobile or tab.

The best part is, there are some boost up apps available for your android mobile and tab that can help you to optimize your device’s performance to speed up your mobile/tab’s operation.

In this post i have listed some of the best Android Apps to Speed up your Device’s operation.

Apps to Speed up your Android Mobile or Tab

Not all the apps you download and install in your android device are useful for your android phone. To know about the optimization apps take a look here.

Android Assistant

To speed up your android phone’s operation, the app you should use is Android Assistant. It is one of the best and mostly used android app. This app helps you to clean up all the junk files produced by other apps and free up the physical memory acquired by the un necessary apps. It also comes with a quick launch button so that you can easily access to this app.

It has features like Cache cleaner and System cleaner to clean up the cache files generated by other apps, temporary files, log files, browser history etc to speed up your phone’s operation. It also cleans up web caches and capable with power saver feature.

(When you clean up the caches of apps, then they may slow to load the next time you opens it. It is because some apps uses the caches to speed up their loading. )

Download it from Google Play: Click Here.

Clean Master

Clean Master is another best optimizing app for your Android mobile or tabs. Through it you can able to clean the junk files, cache memory from your phone and free up your phone’s memory. Also you can boost your phone to clean the RAM, so that it can works fast.

It has built-in antivirus program to scan your android device for malware. The App Manager helps you to uninstall any app, move apps to the SD card and backup your apk files etc. The app has a beautiful interface and easy to use.

To download it from Google play, Click Here.

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager app for android will let you to remove your device’s unwanted junk file, Clean up RAM, Cache memory so that you can boost up your mobile/tab’s speed. Also it can help you to save your phone’s battery life by killing the unnecessary apps.

The app comes with a feature that it runs on the background and kills unwanted app automatically even after your phone’s screen goes off.

To download it from Google play, Click Here.

 1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner is a Android app to optimize your android mobile or tab. With it you can able to clean all your device’s system cache files, search engine history, call log etc. The app comes with a really nice user friendly interface.

It has features like: History Cleaner to clear all your browsing history and browsing data. Cache Cleaner to manually clean up all the app’s cache files for faster operation.

It has another feature Schedule Cleaner: with this feature you can set a time schedule to clean up of caches, web history. And it will automatically cleans your phone so that it works fast. This feature of this app makes it unique and you don’t need to worry about your android mobile or tab’s performance with this app.

This app is available at free and also a premium version is there for which you have to pay. To download from Google Play store, Click Here.

Android Booster

To speed up your android mobile or tab you can trust upon this Android Booster App. You can download it free from the Google Play store. Android Booster app helps you to boost your phone’s performance by clean up memory space. Automatically kills all the unnecessary apps to keep the performance of your device at the best level.

Junk cleaner will clean up all the junk files and caches so that your phone runs fast. Also it can extend your phone’s battery life and with the App Manager you will be able to completely uninstall any app along with its residual file. The interface of this app is nice and user friendly and compatible with mostly all android versions. So i can say that’s a great speed booster app that you must use for your Android phone or Tab.

To download this app from Google Play store, Click Here.

This is the list of some of the Best and Top rated Apps for your Android Phone or Tab to speed up your device’s operation. Also there are many more apps available that works good but these are the apps, I recommend you to use for your Android device.


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