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Download Clash Royale Apk – Install & Play

Download Clash Royale Apk : Super Cell has taken another giant step  towards bringing more excitement into the world of gaming. With Clash of Clans knocking down the door of Real-Time Strategy games, they have moved on towards launching a very new game into the hood. – Download Clash Royale Apk Download.

Clash Royale is the new boy in the town of Real-Time strategy games but it is taking on the Big Campions just like its big brother “Clash of Clans”. Super Cell has worked really hard to keep this game as close to Clash of Clan but also keeping it really different from one another. Confusing Right?

Let me introduce you to “Clash Royale”, here you will be able to go for ONE-ON-ONE arena battle against different opponents one at a time and your main objective are to win…. Sounds simple? Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds, let me tell you why and also how this game is familiar with the world’s most favourite phone/tab game “clash of clans”. – Download Free Clash Royale Apk

Clash Royale - A Game For The Royals

Definitely a game for the royals, "Clash Royale was launched on Jan 4th, 2016 in Canada and was launched worldwide on 2nd of this month. With over 500,000 downloads with 12hrs of launch, this game has broken worldwide records. Als following the footsteps of its big brother Clash Royale is definitely worth a try for many reasons.

After you have downloaded and installed the game from here Download Clash Royale , you will be able to notice a lot of familiar faces in the game. That's right, you will be able to see a lot of your favourite faces like Barbarian King(as King) Wizard, Minion, Goblin etc and they will be fighting right by your side in the arena.

Not just that, for new players you will be offered help from a lot of strong troops like Knight, Archer, Bomber, Giant. And it didn't just stop there, you will be offered with spells like Arrows and Fireball which can be used to deal huge damage to the opponents.

Your Objective While Playing Clash Royale : Download Clash Royale Apk

So now that you know who are going to be at your side on the battlefield, let me take you through your battleground details:
  • Clash Royal aims at Head-to-head battles between players with each player having 2 crown towers and a king, and the main objective is to destroy the towers and take the crowns and whoever has the most crowns wins.
  • If an opponent player destroys the other opponent player’s King Tower then the battle is won by the King Tower destroyer, no matter the number of crowns being collected.

How to Play Clash Royale - Download Clash Royale Apk

Now to take down the towers, you can deploy the troops you want to attack first followed by other troops instantly. With each troop deployed, it will cost you a definite amount of  “Elixir” ( Don’t worry as your Elixir will be replenished throughout the battle).

Also, note that you will have a limited amount of Elixir at a time (as you can see in the above photo) to train your troops. So if you send out troops too quick then you have to wait (for few seconds only) till your Elixir is restored to train more troops at a time.

Also, you will be notified about which troop is going to join from the deck with you in the battle for glory.

About Your Battle Deck & Cards - Download Clash Royale Apk

About Battle Deck: Download Clash Royale Apk

Your battle deck is where your troops, heroes nad spells are stored and these are the things that you will be getting in your battle. So it really means is that the troops, heroes in spells you load in Battle Deck, will be the one who will be fighting with you in the arena.

So this is how you battle Deck and you can choose from a variety of troops that you can choose from to battle by your side in Clash Royale.

About Card Collection: Download Clash Royale Apk

Now this is your card collection and this is where the real game begins. With every win, you will be able to acquire different treasure boxes from where you will be able to win different cards like COMMON, RARE, and EPIC which can really boost your battle strategy.

Use these cards wisely, as they can easily change the face of the battle and give you a definite win even when you are stuck in the worst situations.

Note that few cards will be locked and won't be shown any character image, these cards are the one who can change the face of the battle within a second, and these cards are the rarest to get. So keep your eyes open for one.

So this is what Clash Royale is about in a short description. For more upcoming news and updates please stay connected with us.

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