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Rammus Counter - League of Legends

League of Legends is an MOBA game, and it is such a game which requires lots of game plan for playing the game. There are many champions with unique style and skills of fighting and due to this reason, the countering of the champion now becomes the main strategies for the winning point of the game. So in this article, we will discuss the champion- Rammus and also points about how to counter Rammus- theArmordillo.

Rammus is a champion of the game- League of Legends and is very strong shell with the spike. The intensity and power of the champion can be rise by unlocking more levels in the game and also earning gold. There are item and skin for the champion which you can use them and make him stronger which are very essential in the battles. There are also special abilities of Rammus by which you can destroy the enemies at any cost, so all this great defensive adaptation in this champion makes him stronger and are not possible to counter until you use the correct system or protocol for killing Rammus.

The protocols are choosing the right champion as counter pick for the Rammus and also understanding his abilities can use them against him to kill. In every action and skills there is few weak point which you by targeting them will have the great impact in the battle. So let us discuss more the counter pick here below, for dealing with the Rammus and extract victory out of it.

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Rammus Counter picks

Rammus is a very tough champion which in defensive ball curl mode can take any damage and even dash away from the enemies so quickly. But yet to win the game you must counter him and thus here we have some counter picks which are used based on the recent gameplay in the world championship matches.

Some of the Rammus Counterpicks are

  1. Trundle- Trundle is a devil champion with great fighting skills. He has the ability like subjugate which can suck out the enemy’s Health, Armor and Magic and bringing the chances to kill the enemies more easily.
  2. Olaf- Olaf is a very tough champion which can use his axes to throw on them and are also less effective with the puncturing taunt attack from Rammus.
  3. Nocturne- Nocturne has very best magic spell that can attack from a longer range and also can prevent from Puncturing Taunt by using some defensive magic spells.
  4. Mundo- Dr Mundo is very evil and has the abilities to suck down enemies HP, magic resistance and also armour and later can use the big attack to destroy the enemies.

Counter trick of Rammus

  1. Rammus is very dangerous when he is on Defensive Ball Curl mode while no magic or other physical attacks can harm him.
  2. The minions are too annoying with the short and deadly weapon to take any champion down, but using the Powerball can deal with them and decrease the attacks from them.
  3. The Puncturing Taunt is very effective attack which taunt the enemies while taking their armour down and then instantly using the tremor for complete death.

About Rammus

Rammus The Armordillo is one of the strongest champions who has the awesome shell with spike and once taking the formation into Powerball, he can deal with any damage in the battle. Once it takes into ball formation, Rammus can dash more speedily towards the enemies and are best for quick chase or fast moving in the fights. The champion is best played in the jungle arena where abilities and skills favour much better.

Some of the skills like Powerball, spike shells, ball curl is the best choice for developing defensive move in the battle and also attack the enemies with high damage. While puncturing taunt can be the best option by which you can get the enemies distracted and later use the Tremor to end the enemies life instantly.

Abilities of the Rammus

Rammus is one of the strongest champion in the game having powerful shells with spikes upon it. Know more about the abilities of this champion which will help you in the game to use the abilities and skills for killing many enemies in the battle. And the abilities of the Rammus are-
  1. Spiked Shell- Rammus have special spikes on its shell which you can develop into more powerful by upgrading your items and level ups will too help you getting spikes on your shell. .
  2. Powerball- This is a very powerful attack plus quick dashing towards the enemy in the battle. This Powerball formation can hold up to 6-7 second and also protects Rammus from other physical damage while in the stage of Powerball.
  3. Defensive Ball Curl- The shell of Rammus is the best weapon which you can easily switch into defence mode by developing a ball formation with the shell. The formation can even deal with the magic attacks from the enemies, and this formation can span for duration for about 5-6 seconds in the game.
  4. Puncturing Taunt- TheRammus taunt his enemies and then take the attacks from the opponents by which the armour of the opponent are lowered to some extend and slowing them too. So after that, you can switch attacks with Tremor for complete destroy to the enemies till death.
  5. Tremors- Tremors is the final special of the Rammus that develops a destructive wave around the area located; which the wave then gives maximum damage to those enemies lying around the affected zone. The intensity of the destruction is very high that gives the highest impact on the enemies while it is also one of the best attacks so far.

So these are some of the important counter picks by which you can easily handle Rammus in the battle and kills very easily. Rammus is very much defensive having shells with the spikes at the back by which the enemies can’t resist from getting crushed immediately. While there is these counter pick is very useful and can easily deal with the spiky shell and, in turn, have counter destruction on Rammus.


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