Thursday, 5 May 2016

Best Ways to Run Two Whatsapp in One Phone without Root

How to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root or without rooting your Android device; WhatsApp is one of the famous messenger apps for any phone. But there is one limitation if this awesome messaging app; i.e. only one Whatsapp account is operational for a single device or phone. So sometimes it becomes annoying for a dual sim card phone user. And thus, here we have the solution for you to have Two Whatsapp in One Phone.

Well, there is also another way by which you can manipulate your device and install two Whatsapp account but this is the too very difficult job to handle the rooting system. So the best and simplest solution for using dual or Two Whatsapp in One Phone is downloading and installing another App known as WhatsMapp

WhatsMapp is available to download as the APK file for quick installation in your phone. This app may not be available in the Google play store, so you must search for the APK file in various websites. The APK file is free cost and very easy to download and install on your device.

How to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root

As we all have the android phone with dual SIM card, why not use dual or two WhatsApp in one phone. And to do that, you must download and install the WhatsMapp on your phone. So below let us discuss more precisely for using Two Whatsapp in One Phone

Steps to Run Two WhatsApp in One Phone without Root

To Run two Whatsapp on one phone, you have to configure in 2 distinct methods.

In first Methods, you have to download and Install the WhatsMapp App in your device as a primary account. And the Steps are-
  1. The first and foremost thing you must do is- backup all the chat of your Whatsapp account if you don’t want to lose any message of your WhatsApp
  2. Now after you have successfully backups, you search and download WhatsMapp as APK file.
  3. Install the WhatsMapp app in your device and open the app
  4. Now sign up the WhatMapp app with the number you had first registered in your WhatsApp account. The registration will follow by restoration of chat backups; click Restore to get all the chats back in your app
Precaution- You must download the latest version of WhatsMapp as it may be very difficult for you update the app. And since they are not available in Google play store, it would be hard to updates the app.

In second Methods, after the WhatsMapp is successfully installed on your device, now it turns for you download secondary WhatsApp account using the other sim card.
  1. The first thing that you have to do is- uninstalled the older WhatsApp from our device
  2. Now go to the Google play store and download the official WhatsApp app in your device and Install it
  3. Open the WhatsApp and sign up again, but this time, you must enter your other number to use as secondary Whatsapp app in your device
  4. You may be asked for restoring chat, but it is not necessary so you can skip the Chat Restoration
  5. So finally, now it is successfully configured with two Whatsapp in one phone

Having both Whatsapp and Whatsmapp in your single device is working really fine and also you can receive notification from both the accounts simultaneously. Your Whatsmapp account will also be visible into the other’s device as Whatsapp and so you can use multiple accounts using both the sim card’s number of your dual smartphone.  And all you have this two Whatsapp in One Phone without rooting your Android device.

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