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Use Android Phone or Tablet as Wireless PC Speakers

Last time I've shared with you the method to use smartphone as a webcam for PC and this time, I've come up with the method to use your android phone or other android devices as a wireless speaker for PC. This article will help you to make your smartphone more useful by using it as a speaker for the computer.

Many times we experience that the default speakers got damaged or simply stop working. So, for such cases, this trick to use your android device as speaker will come handy.

Earlier, I've also faced such a situation quite a few times and while figuring out the solution, I found these working methods to convert a smartphone into a wireless speaker.

I’ve been using these methods for quite long so I thought why not to share it on my blog as there are many people like me and you who might be facing the same exact problem.

Whether you want to play audio from iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or even Windows Media Player, you can simply follow this method and play audio from your PC or laptop through your Android smartphone or tablet.

So, this article is going to help you learn how to use android phone as a wireless speaker in Windows computers.

How to use Android phone or tablet as PC speakers

There are many android apps available which can turn your mobile phone into speaker including Airfoil Speakers and WiFi Speaker, but here we're going to focus on SoundWire.

So, without much further ado, let's get Started.


SoundWire is an android application that lets you send any music or audio ("what you hear now") from your Windows or Linux PC to your Android mobile devices.

You can use it as:
  • A remote speaker or wireless headphones.
  • A way to listen to music and movies from your computer anywhere in your house or out on your deck.
  • A wireless extension of live audio from your PC-based music system.

SoundWire Features

  • Live audio capture and streaming.
  • Excellent sound quality (44.1 / 48 kHz stereo 16-bit, PCM or Opus compression).
  • True low latency (unlike AirPlay, Airfoil).
  • Easy to use.
  • Compression option greatly reduces network usage.
  • Stream music from PC to PC running x86 virtualized app (Linux/Windows).
  • Runs on all Android versions back to 1.5 put your old phone to good use.

How to Setup and Use SoundWire

In this step by step tutorial, I will help you download SoundWire android app and PC client and install it on the respective devices. After that we will move forward to setting up connection between Soundwire PC client server and the android app. Later on, you will learn how to play the files, adjusting volume levels and finally disconnecting synchronization between PC and smartphone.

Step 1: Download the Sound Wire Android App

Go to Google Play Store and Search for "Sound Wire". You will find two versions of the app: a free version and paid version. Simply go with the free version as there is not much difference between both of them except the paid version is ad-free.

Step 2: Download the SoundWire PC Client

Once you've downloaded and installed the SoundWire android app on your smartphone, you need to download the SoundWire PC Client on your computer. Choose the appropriate version of your Windows or Linux while downloading the setup. Once downloaded, install and run the PC client.

Step 3: Selecting the Audio Source

Now, since the PC client is installed and running, it's time to select the audio source. For Windows 7/8, you need to select 'default multimedia device' which will capture the audio we usually hear from PC while XP users should select the audio source as 'stereo mix', 'wave out mix' or 'what you hear'. You can also change the input method to 'microphone' to record what you speak through it.

Linux users should follow the instructions mentioned in the README file.

Step 4: Establishing a  Connection

After selecting the audio source, you need to connect both the devices to the internet for proper synchronization between the devices. You can either use Wi-Fi, 3G/4G mobile data network or you can even use the app over Bluetooth or USB tethering between your PC and android device.

Step 5: Connecting the Devices

As PC client server is already running, in order to connect the devices, now you need to run the SoundWire app on your android smartphone and click on "big coiled wire" button. This will make the app start auto-locating the server for connection.

In case, there are more than one servers, you need to enter your server address in the text box before pressing the connect button. You can find the server IP address on the upper left corner of Windows PC client installed on your computer.

Once you've entered the server address and connected both the devices, you will find that the connection status in your PC client will start showing connected instead of disconnected. This is the indication that you've properly setup the connection between the devices.

Step 6: Adjusting Volume

Once you've successfully established a connection between the SoundWire android app and SoundWire PC client, you're ready to play any audio or video file and hear the audio coming from your smartphone.

In order to adjust the volume levels of the audio playing, you can follow various methods.

First of all, you can look at Sound Wire server level meter to check loudness of the audio and adjust it through the audio output level. Secondly, you can adjust the volume with your media player (ex. Windows Media Player etc.) audio settings. And, the last method to adjust the volume levels is to do it with your android smartphone.

Step 7: Disconnecting the Devices

It is really important to disconnect both devices. Otherwise, it will keep sucking on your battery level and RAM making your device lag even when you're not using it.

So, for stopping the connection, you can simply press "disconnect" button located on the Soundwire android app. If you're unable to locate the disconnect option, you can select the "exit" option from the menu (3 vertical dots located at the upper right-side corner of the app).

Hurray! You've successfully disconnected synchronization between SoundWire app and the PC client.

Final Words

So, this was complete step by step method to use your mobile phone or tablet as wireless speaker for computer or laptop. Here we've considered only SoundWire android app as it is the best and easiest way to use smartphone as wireless speaker even for a non-technical person.

Still, if you want me to write about the procedure of how to use Airfoil speakers or WiFi speaker apps to convert smartphone into speaker, I will definitely write about them. In order to request your opinion, comment below or directly ping us using the contact form.

The best thing about Sound Wire app is that it is really easy to use and setup as well as plenty of useful features within the application.

So, according to me, SoundWire has an advantage over Airfoil speakers or WiFi speaker app as it is far more easier to use it.

What do you think? Is there any Audio streaming android app that you like and we forgot to mention? Tell us in the comments.


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